Rotary is 1.2 million passionate individuals in 35,000+ clubs worldwide. We are both an international organization and a local community leader. Together we lead change in our own backyards and across the world.

  Members of the Valley of the Sun Passport Club represent business owners, managers and professionals in your community.

The Valley of the Sun Passport Club chartered in November of 2021. The members of the Glendale West Rotary Club decided their current club no longer represented the small local group it had originally started serving. Therefore, they rechartered as a whole new club to better represent the changing community they served, lived and worked in. The changes coming about due to COVID 19 made it the perfect time for the club change. 

Valley of the Sun Passport Club encourages members to serve the community through their business network and professional skills and to inspire others in the process.

The assistance that you can provide to the business community under the Rotary banner is only limited by your own imagination commitment and energy as Rotary encourages members to develop new and innovative ways to use their business network and professional skills to develop the skills of others, especially people without jobs and young people starting out in their business or professional careers.

You can apply your skills on an endless array of existing programs that Rotary already delivers on a more global scale. These include international exchanges, micro credit programs in developing countries or hands-on humanitarian programs such as assisting in the provision of clean water.

Using their particular business network and professional skills, Rotary members right around the world are constantly developing new programs.  The polio plus program, which has almost eradicated the scourge of polio from the world, was an idea of one member, which was taken up by his club and eventually by Rotary Internationally.  This is an example of how Rotary fosters the development of programs that can reach and benefit not just the local community but all of humanity.